Feerrott, the Dream

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Feerrott, the Dream is a zone in the House of Thule expansion.

Heroic Characters changes[edit | edit source]

The March 12, 2014 patch which introduced Heroic Characters also brought about some changes to the zone. The zone now has a safe area in the ogre village, protected by wielders of flaming shields. No harmful entity can pass their wall. Many new merchants and other services are now available in this area.

New mobs were added as part of the Heroic Character quest that was put into the zone. All the quest NPCs and merchants were placed behind the protective shield. This is also where new Heroic Characters enter the game.

Mobs in the zone were moved around to provide safer areas for the new quest, which is designed to be soloable by Heroic Characters. There should still be the same number of dogs and spiders in the zone, but they don't wander as much and are now found in different locations. Snakes were also made weaker to provide Heroic Character melee classes with an easier target to molo.

The fires along the river designate the safe path from the starting area of the zone to the entrance of House of Thule (zone). Mobs can still enter the path along the river, but hostile mobs do not spawn in or path towards this region.

The changes in Feerrott and the lowering of NPC difficulty in the first two tiers of House of Thule are to help new and returning players that start in the House of Thule expansion to get up to speed more quickly.