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Tower of Rot is a Call of the Forsaken zone released on May 21, 2014. It contains Tier 2 level loot and is designed for players level 95 and higher.
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A mysterious tower looms over the Dead Hills, and a long-forgotten presence comes to life within its walls. As cultists and treasure hunters seek the source of rot within the tower, will you arrive in time to claim a powerful artifact that can help send Lady Lendiniara back to her world?

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Zone layout[edit]



Solo / Group quests[edit]

Mercenary task / Heroic Adventure[edit]

Partisan tasks[edit]

  1. The Scions of the Tower - Allakhazam, EQ Resource
  2. The Tower's Victims - Allakhazam, EQ Resource
  3. Fenn's Job - Allakhazam, EQ Resource
  4. Narius' Plan - Allakhazam, EQ Resource
  5. The Adana Problem - Allakhazam, EQ Resource
  6. The Source of Rot - Allakhazam, EQ Resource

Group missions[edit]

  1. A Rotten Heart - Prerequisites to request: Complete The Source of Rot. Allakhazam, EQ Resource
  2. The Fall of Lord Bayle - Prerequisites to request: Complete all six Partisan tasks and A Rotten Heart. To participate you must be at least level 95. Allakhazam, EQ Resource

Named mobs[edit]

  • Brexx Darkpaw
  • Captain Nathan Flock
  • Commander Kurt Ellis
  • Corpseflower
  • Garath Sulfada
  • Guardian Roger Macholeth
  • Mad Martyr
  • The Forgotten Sapper
  • The Lost Devourer
  • Vicar Lucilia Belyea


While it apparently seemed like a good idea at the time [building the Tower], eventually people started dying and disappearing. All contact was lost, and Kyle Bayle himself went to the Tower. He never returned.

Deidre Harath

The citizens of Qeynos who have disappeared have become reanimated by the power of this place. Kyle Bayle and his undead army are locked away at the top of the tower. In Bayle’s possession is an artifact of great power, the legendary Qeynos Claymore. This powerful artifact may be one of the things that is needed to send Lady Lendiniara back to her proper Thread and, in the process, stop further damage from coming to Norrath.

However, Lord Bayle has been expecting your arrival. If you seek to challenge him and his forces, he knows as well as you do how this encounter will end...

Launch event[edit]

Captain Deidre Harath - Tower of Rot Launch Events.jpg
When Lendiniara arrived, terrible occurrences were witnessed across Norrath. Many believed that this upheaval marked the end of the world. The proactive guards of Qeynos have been diligently working to set things right in West Karana. As these disturbances continued unresolved, no one on the Qeynos guard would have guessed that the next disaster would affect their home city.

“We need your help. In case you didn't notice on your way here, what with all the teleportation you folks do, there are monsters and people invading Qeynos.” - Captain Deidre Harath

Creatures are spilling out of openings in Ethernere into the city of Qeynos and assaulting the citizens of that peaceful city. Captain Captain Deidre Harath has been assigned to deal with the issue and is enlisting the assistance of anyone that thinks that they can make a difference. In addition, the master of the wizard guild, Gahlith Wrannstad, has been tasked with learning more about these creatures and finding a way to get rid of them once and for all.

Starting Wednesday, May 14, 2014, the first phase of the Tower of Rot launch event begins. Strange things are happening in the general Qeynos area and the city needs YOUR help! Captain Deidre Harath is enlisting the help of able-bodied adventurers, and the quests offered by Deidre and Gahlith will be available until Monday, July 7, 2014.

When Qeynos is under attack by beings from Ethernere, will you come to the aid of the citizens of this fair city?

Minimum level to get these quests is 65. The content is tuned for level 85 and higher. It may take a small group to complete them.

There are four quests. Three began on May 14 and will end on July 7:

One will begin on Saturday, May 17 and also will end on July 7:

SOE Official Forum post: "There's More Than Just the Dead Roaming Around Dead Hills"

Reward for completing all four is suffix title: Defender of Qeynos.

(Credit: EQ Resource)