Welcome to My Nightmare

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This instanced group mission is the House of Thule zone progression task.

This task is given by Researcher Breoro in the House of Thule zone.

To request the task, you must have completed the following tasks (also given by Researcher Breoro):

Say "ready" to Researcher Breoro to get the mission and "go" to enter the instance.

Objective Instructions[edit | edit source]

Welcome to My Nightmare instructions.png

The regular mobs here do not seem to see invisible. Each "Beast" will spawn upon the death of the last of the three Keepers in the room.

Map[edit | edit source]

Welcome to My Nightmare map.png

Each red "X" marks the four Keeper spots.

Reward[edit | edit source]

A chest spawns at the end with one loot item and a spell Dream Fragment.

Each group member gets the following in their reward window:

  • Experience
  • 315pp
  • 20 Dream Motes
  • Faction: Dream Delvers