Anniversary Tower

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Anniversary Tower
Anniversary Tower

The Anniversary Tower (Tides of Time) is a zone introduced on January 17, 2024 as part of Year of Darkpaw.

We are thrilled to announce the Anniversary Tower which will arrive in the game on January 17, 2024!

This tower features 11 floors to be unlocked over time via quests called the Tower Trials. Each Trial quest consists of a task that sends you off to various places across Norrath to find a key that unlocks a tower door! Once inside, prepare yourself for a unique encounter you must overcome to collect your currency!

Inside the tower resides a vendor with items you can spend your Year of Darkpaw Timeless Tokens currency on. You can earn these tokens the first time you complete each Trial quest and each time you complete a Heroic Adventure as well as completing the collection each month!

The tower can be found in North Ro, be sure to look to the skies near the water's edge to find it!

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Getting to Anniversary Tower[edit | edit source]

North Ro platform to teleport to the tower

In the south eastern corner of the North Desert of Ro (North Ro) the Anniversary Tower hovers above the sea. Just north west of the tower is a stone platform with light blue aura. Entering the aura will teleport you into the tower.

Telling Magus Alaria (Magus) in the Guild Lobby, "North Ro", will teleport you to the zone. Completion of the Adventurer's Stone quest may be required for her to teleport you to North Ro. Other Magus NPCs in the wayfarer camps throughout Norrath may also teleport you.

The free (to All Access members) Marketplace Northern Desert Outlook Device will teleport you to North Ro. The Northern Desert Outlook Device will be free only during February 2024.

Zueria Slide: North Ro, obtained from the eighteenth anniversary task Tsaph's Day Off (Allakhazam, EQ Resource) will teleport you to North Ro.

Moving between floors[edit | edit source]

Besides the spiral staircase, the platforms in the middle of every few floors are also teleportation pads. Clicking on the center of them will teleport you several floors up. When you at last reach the top of the tower, the clicking the pad there will teleport you to the first floor.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Blue/White ball on the second floor is the ground spawn Broken Key needed to start the Broken Key of Sands quest

Each month another Tower Trial mission will be added to obtain a key for another tower door. The missions are released on monthly patch days.

The tasks should scale based on the level(s) in the party.





  • Broken Key of Frost
    • Oasis of Frost


  • Broken Key of Ice
    • Oasis of Ice


  • Broken Key of Steam
    • Oasis of Steam


  • Broken Key of Jungles
    • Oasis of Jungles


  • Broken Key of Fire
    • Oasis of Fire


  • Broken Key of Swamps
    • Oasis of Swamps


  • Broken Key of Fear
    • Oasis of Fear


  • Broken Key of Void
    • Oasis of Void


  • Broken Key of Dragons
    • Oasis of Dragons

Alternate currency[edit | edit source]

Miacallie Herlsas

Timeless Tokens currency merchant
Type Merchant
Race Human
Gender Female
Location Anniversary Tower
(via Ctrl-F)
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The alternate currency for the Anniversary Tower is Timeless Tokens. They may be used to purchase items from Miacallie Herlsas (Merchant) in the tower.

The items available for sale for each character depend upon what they have unlocked through trials. In addition, more items are expected to be added each month during the Year of Darkpaw.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The achievements can be found under Events > Year of Darkpaw.

Lore[edit | edit source]

As you are traveling through the North Desert of Ro, you spot a tower floating in the sky. As you get near it, you see a glowing platform. Dare you climb onto it? Where can it possibly lead? You step onto the pad and find yourself inside the tower, being greeted by a lovely merchant maiden named Miacallie Herlsas. She invites you to view her wares but informs you that until you have gone through the trials and perils of the tower and defeated that which needs defeating, you might not afford or even see much in her shop.

You explore and find that the anniversary tower features 11 floors (that will unlock over time), resplendent with artwork from around Norrath. Getting in the locked doors within the tower is rather tricky and can only be done once a key for the door is obtained through the completion of its Tower Trial. These Trials will send you places across Norrath, so be sure you have on your traveling boots. When a door is unlocked, the real challenge begins as you will go up against powerful beings. Upon the successful defeat of the monster behind the door, you will earn timeless tokens which Miacallie will accept as payment for her wares.

Only once you have defeated the monsters in every tower room will you be strong enough to awaken the final tower boss. Dare you begin this treacherous journey? What will you find behind those doors? There is but one way to find out: be the hero you were born to be, and let’s get started. Once you are ready, look for the shinies in the tower, they will lead the way!