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Year of Darkpaw: An EverQuest Celebration (2024) is a celebration of 25 years of EverQuest and 20 years of EverQuest II.

There will be limited edition items for sale in the Marketplace.

  • January’s item is an [Argent Clockwork Bear Saddle].
  • February's item is Forsaken Weapon Ornament set.
  • March's item is Storied Rucksack (46 slot bag).

There will also be social media contests, events, and more.

On January 17, 2024, the Anniversary Tower opened.

Collection items[edit | edit source]

Special Year of Darkpaw collectable

Special collection items will spawn. Each month a new collectible set will be available, and only appear during that month.

  • The January collection set is Gnoll Essences (Blackburrow).
  • The February collection set is Red Dragon Scales (Nagafen's Lair).
  • The March collection set is Fae Drake Wings (The Greater Faydark).
  • The April collection set is <placeholder> (Estate of Unrest).
  • The May collection set is <placeholder> (Permafrost Keep).
  • The June collection set is <placeholder> (Butcherblock Mountains).
  • The July collection set is <placeholder> (The Ruins of Old Guk).
  • The August collection set is <placeholder> (City of Mist).
  • The September collection set is <placeholder> (Karnor's Castle).
  • The October collection set is <placeholder> (The Ruins of Sebilis).
  • The November collection set is <placeholder> (Velketor's Labyrinth).
  • The December collection set is <placeholder> (The Western Wastes).

Each collection set also has an achievement, which can be found in the Achievements window under Events > Year of Darkpaw. Completing each set gives you a reward of 10 Timeless Tokens.

Giveaway items[edit | edit source]

Orc Warrior (metamorph wand}

Each month during the Year of Darkpaw, an item will be given away. Going to the Marketplace, you can purchase it for zero Daybreak coins during that month. Later, the item will still be in the Marketplace but will cost you Daybreak coins.

Gallery[edit | edit source]