Timorous Falls

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Timorous Falls is a zone in the Laurion's Song expansion.

Expansion Laurion's Song
Type Outdoor
Instanced No
Keyed unknown
Level Range 125
Levitation Yes
Banner/Campfire unknown
Can Bind unknown
Call of the Hero unknown
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Zone layout[edit | edit source]

Connections[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

Eureka's Tumble, a cherished tavern famed for its exceptional brews, perches on the river's edge, its great wheel and grindstone powered by the rushing waters beside the renowned Timorous Falls. With the support of farmers that grow specialized grain, the tavern exports its beverages across the lands. But underneath all of the joviality and chatter lies a sinister plot, cultists seeking to seize or control the Tumble to please their dark deity. Into this setting arrives Elistyl Kanghammer, knight of Innoruuk. Despite his loyalty to his own dark god, he finds himself compelled to save a child kidnapped by the cultists, challenging his own notions of heroism.

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