Laurion Inn

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Laurion Inn is a zone in the Laurion's Song expansion.

Expansion Laurion's Song
Type Outdoor
Instanced No
Keyed No
Level Range 125
Levitation Yes
Banner/Campfire unknown
Can Bind unknown
Call of the Hero unknown
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Zone layout[edit | edit source]

This is the hub zone for Laurion's Song.

Connections[edit | edit source]

All zones are linked to Laurion Inn. Except for The Hero's Forge and The Plane of Tranquility, they are accessed through the second floor doors in the Inn. All these zone doors can be found using the Find Window (Ctrl-F).

To Laurion Inn

Mob changes[edit | edit source]

Every hour a zone-wide emote happens:

A wave of change sweeps through the area. You sense uncertainty flicker around you for just a moment.

Soon after, some mobs depop and others replace them at their spawn points.


  • Brownies <> Leeches
  • Sharks <> Alligators
  • Stone Grabbers <> Golems
  • Spiders <> Drachnids

Lore[edit | edit source]

Nestled in a serene forest, Laurion Inn is a haven for heroes. Run by the retired adventurer Shalowain, this cozy inn features roaring fireplaces, a stage for epic tales, and lush gardens. It seems the ideal place to rest after a great adventure. This is the heart of the Realm of Heroes. And here is where anyone can experience the heroic deeds of others of the Realm. But things are not as serene as they seem. There is a tension here. Talk among the patrons hints that things seem off in the memories behind the doors upstairs.

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