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Jewelry Making, also known as Jewelcraft, is a tradeskill.

Skilling up[edit | edit source]

Apudark's guide[edit | edit source]

Jewelcraft is easy. There are no subcombines and every combine uses only 2 ingredients.

Save your diamonds, blue diamonds, uncut gems, and other types of gems (Miragestone, etc). You can get to 279 using nothing but vendor purchased items that you can then resell to the merchant at a small loss. Jewelcraft seems like it would be expensive, but once you're working diamonds and blue diamonds, you'll bring in good plat.

The table below shows you the combines:

Getting over 279 requires dropped gems. Diamonds and blue diamonds are best because they drop in quantity. They also drop in every zone you will be hunting in. You will have a hard time getting enough gems you can use for cutting to skill up with, but they are good supplements on the way up.

Stillwaters' guide (may be outdated)[edit | edit source]

I strongly suggest doing this QUEST here before doing JC. Its an easy quest and the end result is a superior 6-slot tradeskill container that can accomplish combines a normal jeweler's kit cannot.

Dwerium Bar to 100

  • Dwerium Bar:
Gnomish Heat Source
Platinum Bar
Raw Faycite Crystal

Notes: Platinum Bars can be bought from Noirin Khalen of the eastern trade building, PoK. Gnomish Heat Source is bough from Eric Rasumus, by the small bank, PoK. Raw Faycite Crystals are found in THESE zones.

Oh, and save the Dwerium Bars you made, you'll need them later.

Jade Platinum Ring to 250

  • Jade Platinum Ring:
Platinum Bar

Notes: Platinum Bars can be bought from Audri Deepfacet of the northern trade building, PoK. Jade can be bought from Kirem Deepfacet, next to Audri. And you were just getting used to running around weren't you?

Dwerium Practice Pendant to 306

  • Dwerium Practice Pendant:
Dwerium Bar
Pendant Mold
Solo Setting Tool

Notes: Mercia of the eastern trade building, PoK, sells the mold and the solo setting tool.

Thanks to Stillwaters, a/k/a arkadykappa, for this guide.

Zyxs' Guide to economically skilling up Jewelcrafting[edit | edit source]

Getting Started

Review the whole guide, as there's some items that you're going to want to be keeping an eye out for in the Bazaar, on Vendors, and while farming. The assumption is that the drops required for 160+ skillups are going to be watched for and shopped for passively while you're adventuring.

Step 1, equipment you'll need:

Remember that you can turn the Square Cut Tool into any of the other gem setting tools just by putting it in the JC container by itself and combining it.

Step 2, free skillups:

Go to the Abysmal Sea and do this quest set repeatedly until you're 54 and have gotten the ability to refine Raw Nihilite. Jewelcraft Freebie: Help Glirina Once you get started refining Raw Nihilite, you'll get between 1 and 2 of the finished product. (There's some indications that the efficiency of this conversion is not linked to your JC skill.) In any case, the more you refine, the better you'll get at it, until eventually you're making 3 of the output type. With that in mind, for the best efficiency, save the refinement of the higher skill nihilites for when you actually need them. The Nihilites are bolded in the shopping list below, as you get 3x as many attempts with Raw Nihilite than you do with Uncut gems.

Step 3, tradeskill trophy:

Go do this quest and get the trophy. Beginner Jeweler Test Make sure you always have it equipped while you're skilling up. The higher your effective skill is, the more likely you are to succeed with a combine. Successes have a higher chance of giving you a skillup.

Step 4ish, passively shopping: The post-200 part of this guide is for people who aren't in a rush. If you want to skill up immediately, these directions won't be as cost effective since the resale value of the finished products are not reliable like the standard jewelry patterns are. You're going to want to keep an eye on vendors in PoK and scoop up items from the shopping list (at the end of the guide) whenever possible. The gems on the shopping list are so cheap from the vendor they're almost free, and lazy players will commonly vendor these without even thinking about it. You'll also want to set yourself a "pain threshold" of how much you'll pay for the components in the bazaar. Personally I started with 10pp in my 40s, and eventually went with 20pp as my threshold in the 60+ level range. Whenever I was doing housekeeping activities, I'd poke the Bazaar and check for gems on the shopping list in that price range. If you aren't setting up a Trader in the bazaar, then you'll probably have a lower pain point, like 5pp.

Step 5ish:

After you've been making the recipes below and are around 162, make a Jewelers Glass to do the higher end cuts.

Jeweler tool trick: If it annoys you to toggle back and forth between the full tradeskill menu and the smaller "experiment" menu to quickly cycle through your jeweler tool, open both menus. Use the table next to Dogle Pitt, then use a jeweler kit from your inventory. Whenever you need to change the tool, just toss it in experiment window that the jeweler kit opened and combine till you have what you need.

Vendor sold components[edit | edit source]

Skill, item, Cost in PP

  • 60 Round Cut Malachite 0.052
  • 64 Round Cut Lapis Lazuli 0.094
  • 68 Round Cut Turquoise 0.115
  • 72 Round Cut Hematite 0.157
  • 75 Round Cut Cat's Eye Agate 0.209
  • 79 Round Cut Onyx 0.682
  • 83 Round Cut Jasper 0.787
  • 87 Round Cut Carnelian 0.892
  • 91 Round Cut Star Rose Quartz 1.049
  • 95 Round Cut Wolf's Eye Agate 3.359
  • 98 Round Cut Jade 3.674
  • 135 Stone Furniture Leg 0.55
  • 148 Stone Furniture Base 0.812
  • 162 Stone Furniture Frame 0.916
  • 174 Trilion Cut Bloodstone 0.524
  • 178 Trilion Cut Amber 2.625
  • 182 Trilion Cut Topaz 5.249
  • 202 Simple Stone Carved Pub Table 3.404
  • 202 Small Stone Carved Bed 3.666

You may want to skip the recipes in italics in favor of getting started with the Stone Furniture Legs. You're going to go through a lot of them anyhow. You'll definitely want to do the 3 Trilion cut recipes in between though, just to cut down on the number of multi-step combinations.

When you're making the stone legs, base and frame, hold onto those pieces for the 202 skill combines. Once you've used up all the frames, don't make any more beds, just make the tables. Architect Alric will sometimes have legs, bases, and frames sold back to him.

The furniture can get pretty tedious, but once you're in that skill range, keep in mind that skillups will take a ballpark of 20 combinations for each skillup (less needed if you have higher stats though.)

There is a 10 slot Jewelry table right between Dogle Pitt and Jeweler Nonny that you can use for the larger combines.

Recipes that require drops[edit | edit source]

The Petrified Spider Eyes recipe is part of several very cheap tradeskill quest combinations that have no pre-requisite for performing. The mobs that drop this are in the Goru`kar mesa, and are very common. (Coming soon, a quick guide to the cheap and easy Goru`kar Mesa quest combines for JC, Tailoring, and Smithing.)

  • 190 Petrified Spider Eyes
  • 218 Oval Cut Demantoid
  • 234 Trilion Cut Amethyst
  • 234 Marquise Cut Crimson Nihilite
  • 235 Marquise Cut Alexandrite
  • 252 Half-Moon Cut Goshenite
  • 259 Marquise Cut Indigo Nihilite
  • 267 Trilion Cut Combine Star
  • 270 Round Cut Morganite
  • 279 Square Cut Staurolite
  • 282 Trilion Cut Staurolite
  • 284 Half-Moon Cut Staurolite
  • 284 Marquise Cut Amber Nihilite
  • 287 Round Cut Jacinth
  • 287 Oval Cut Staurolite
  • 290 Pear Cut Staurolite
  • 292 Marquise Cut Staurolite
  • 295 Round Cut Staurolite
  • 300 Square Cut Black Sapphire
  • 304 Pear Cut Rubellite
  • 310 Trilion Cut Shimmering Nihilite
  • 346 Square Cut Prestidigitase
  • 348 Trilion Cut Prestidigitase
  • 412 Square Cut Miragestone
  • 412 Square Cut Taaffeite
  • 412 Square Cut Harmonagate
  • 422 Square Cut Alaris Gemstone
  • 428 Energized Gemstone
  • 434 Square Cut Underfoot Diamond

Shopping list: When shopping, you're going to want to watch for gems that have either "Uncut" or "Raw" in their name.

You're also going to want to watch for:

  • Alaris Gemstone
  • Extruded Underfoot Diamond
  • Energized Gemstone
  • MirageStone
  • Taaffeite
  • Prestidigitase
  • Staurolite
  • Harmonagate
  • Raw Faycite Crystal

The Raw Faycite Crystal is used to make Dwerium bars. The Dwerium Trio recipes range from 291 skill to 322 skill, and the vendor buyback is only a smallish loss compared to the cost of the vendor purchased components. You may also be able to sell some of the pieces in the bazaar.

This guide is from March 2016 for a normal server. If you're on a TLP server, refer to Apudark's guide.