Tradeskill quests

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This is a listing of some of the quests that useful for tradeskillers and items you can get using tradeskills.

Tradeskill trophies[edit | edit source]

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A series of quests will award you a trophy for each trade skill. The trophy will give you an increased bonus to your skill and the ability to summon an unlimited number of weight reducing temporary bags.

Once you reach 50 in a tradeskill you can get a trophy for that skill. It is recommended that you do so at that time, as the trophy quests get harder at higher skill levels and it is a good idea to have your trophy as you skill up so the trophy also improves.

Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs (Tradeskill Quests) in West Freeport gives out the quests.

Tradeskill trophy bags[edit | edit source]

Each trophy can make temporary bags. In addition, if you turn in a temporary bag to Jolum (loc 153, -425) in The Bazaar, he will give you a token. Place the token in the proper tradeskill combiner for that skill (forge, loom, brew barrel, etc.), hit combine, and it will make a permanent no trade lore bag.

Restock high quality ore[edit | edit source]

Fishing[edit | edit source]