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Skilling up[edit | edit source]

Apudark's guide[edit | edit source]

Sullied Hilt Wrap to 62

Rough Hilt Wrap to 112

Fine Hilt Wrap to 184

Superb Hilt Wrap to 222

Flawless Hilt Wrap to 242

Exquisite Hilt Wrap to 255

Immaculate Hilt Wrap to 268

You'll probably run out of pelts and/or have some silks you can use as well, so here's a useful chart. Immaculate and Fantastic templates are still used by players for armor, so you can sell these templates in the bazaar.

Tailoring guide chart.jpg

Stillwaters' guide (may be outdated)[edit | edit source]

Rough Hilt Wrap to 112

  • Rough Hilt Wrap:
Hickory Handled Shears
Rough Animal Pelt

Notes: To make Hickory Handled Shears, you'll need to combine a Hickory Bow Staff, Metal Bits, Shears Mold and a Water Flask in a Forge. The black smithing trivial is 136.

The Hickory Bow Staff can be bought from Ellis Cloudchaser of the western trade building, PoK. Metal Bits are made in a forge by combining Small Piece of Ore x2 (bought from Szrix Hammertail of the western trade building), and a Water Flask.

A Shears Mold can be bought from Kwyllon Geerlok, in the lighthouse, Gulf of Gunthak.

Rough Animal Pelt can be farmed in almost every lowbie ZONE, or bought cheaply in the bazaar.

Kept your Hickory Handled Shears? Good, because its used in the next combine:

Exquisite Hilt Wrap to 255

  • Exquisite Hilt Wrap:
Exquisite Animal Pelt
Hickory Handled Shears

Notes: Please tell me you did save the shears, right?

Exquisite Animal Pelt drops in a few ZONES, and of course the bazaar is an option.

Excellent Silk Wristband Template to 310

  • Excellent Silk Wristband Template:
Excellent Silk x2
Fine Filament
Silk Curing Chemicals
Silk Wristband Template Pattern
Simple Sewing Needle

Notes: Every item save EXCELLENT SILK can be found on Higwyn Matrick, of the western trade building, PoK.

Old school[edit | edit source]

  • Raw Silk Masks (1 silk swatch and mask pattern) to 36
  • Cured Silk Masks (1 swatch, 1 heady kiola and pattern) to 82
  • Crystalline Silk Masks (Silver thread, 1 crystalline silk swatch and mask pattern) to 118
  • Crystalline Silk Sleeves (Silver thread, 2 crystalline silk swatches and sleeve pattern ) to 124
  • Crystalline Silk Tunics (Silver thread, 3 crystalline silk swatches and tunic pattern) to 131
  • Wu's Mantles (4 heady kiolas, viscous mana, silk swatch and mantle pattern) to 144
  • Wu's Sleeves (4 heady kiolas, viscous mana, 2 silk swatches and sleeve pattern) to 151
  • Wu's Tunics (4 heady kiolas, viscous mana, 3 silk swatches and tunic pattern) to 158

From there on its the high end Velious armors.

New cultural drops[edit | edit source]


  • Coarse 20-35
  • Rough 40-55
  • Tacky 66-80
  • Sullied 90-106
  • Thick 124-140
  • Crude 158-175
  • Natural 196-215
  • Pristine 234-255
  • Fine 272-295
  • Excellent 310-335
  • Superb 348-375
  • Flawless 386-415
  • Exquisite 424-455


  • Ruined 20-30
  • Mangled 40-50
  • Tattered 66-75
  • Sullied 90-100
  • Crude 124-135
  • Rough 158-170
  • Flawed 196-210
  • Pristine 234-250
  • Fine 272-290
  • Excellent 310-330
  • Superb 348-370
  • Flawless 386-410
  • Exquisite 424-450

Other tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

10 Slot Sewing Containers[edit | edit source]

The Deluxe Sewing Kit isn't the only 10 slot sewing kit available, but you have to make sure that you're using the right one for your race. The racial sewing kits let you do all of the normal combinations a normal sewing kit does, plus any cultural specific combinations as well.

As with all the elven cultural components, the use of the apostrophe accent mark is inconsistent, so bear that in mind when searching by exact name.