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Skilling up[edit | edit source]

Apudark's guide[edit | edit source]

Fetid Essence to 122

No farming required.

Ol'Tujim's Fierce Brew to 135

No farming required.

Faydwer Shaker to 188

No farming required.

Minotaur Hero's Brew to 248

No farming required.

Clear Absinthe to 250

No farming required.

Now we have two paths: recipes that require farming or recipes that are entirely vendor sold but costly.

Brut Champagne to 335

No farming required. A sub-combine requires jewelcraft, which you can use for skilling up your jewelcrafting.

Goblin Eye Special to 302

The parts drop off goblins. Korascian Warrens, Sunderock Springs or Vergalid Mines may be good places to get them. Note: some folks are saying they get a message about not being experienced enough for this combine, so there may be a minimum skill requirement. There is no quest requirement, just a skill requirement, which is probably a total modified skill of 300 to attempt.

Stillwaters' guide (may be outdated)[edit | edit source]

Bounty Coffee to 119

  • Bounty Coffee
Brell's Bounty
Generic Coffee Beans
Water Flask

Generic Coffee Beans can be easily found in Crescent Reach, on Brewmaster Ishaq at -1154.01, -1620.30, -87.63. Since your already standing next to Ishaq, you can also find Water Flask(s) on him.

Clear Absinthe to 250

  • Clear Absinthe
Grande Wormwood
Water Flask

Notes: Anise and Grande Wormwood can be found on Johannes O'Danos, in the Alchemy Room of the western trade building, Plane of Knowledge; along with Edvard, Derin and Serin O'Danos, who all sell Fennel.

Amile Pitt, who resides by the small bank, also in PoK, sells Bottles and Water Flasks.

I hope you made a bunch of absinthe, because it just so happens to be used in Chronal Absinthe.

Goblin Eye Special to 302 An alternate way to skill up is by making Goblin Eye Special.

Goblin Eye Special

Water Flask (may be vendor purchased)
Ogre Swill (may be vendor purchased)
Fish Wine (may be vendor purchased)
Goblin Parts

Chronal Absinthe to 324

  • Chronal Absinthe
Clear Absinthe
Chronal Resonance Dust x2

Notes: CRD's are SoD random drops. You can farm/buy/or barter for them however you see fit. However, since some may consider this too expensive, here is an old school 300+ trivial:

Kaladim Constitutional to 335

  • Kaladim Constitutional
Celestial Essence
Corking Device
Fermented Yarrow
Soda Water
Strange Dark Fungus
Underfoot Mushroom

Notes: Celestial Essence is a No-Fail trivial (15) made in a mixing bowl bought from Perago Crotal at 18, 249, -126, Eastern trader building, PoK, and the easiest method of making it is by combining The Scent of Marr (bought from Loran Thu'Leth) and Celestial Solvent (bought from Darius Gandril), both of the western trade building, PoK.

Cork can be found on Nitram Anizok, found upstairs in the smithy building, PoK.

For a Corking Device, check the bazaar or a friendly tinkerer. Or make one YOURSELF.

To make Fermented Yarrow, combine a Water Flask and Yarrow (Trivial 74, yield, 6) in a brew barrel. Yarrow can be found on your friendly alchemist, Severg O'Danos, whom you would have met, had you skilled up via Clear Absinthe. /sigh.

Oddly enough, Soda water is made by combining Soda, and Water. Its trivial is 58. Soda can be found on Caden Zharik, and short little fellow found by the small bank, PoK.

If you don't know were to find Water Flask(s) at this point, you should give up on Brewing.

Finally, Strange Dark Fungus and Underfoot Mushrooms can both be found in one room in North Kaladim (evil players beware you may need invis or alternatively, just slaughter every little dwarf to your hearts content). The shrooms and fungi both have nine spawn locs, and a six minute timer, found around 655, -120.

Thanks to Stillwaters, a/k/a arkadykappa for this guide.

For the penny pinchers, the net price per attempt is slightly above 6.2PP.