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Guild halls are special instanced zones for members of the guild associated. Upon creation of a guild, members gain access to a guild member only Standard Guild Hall. Entering the Standard Guild Hall is through a door in the north area of the Guild Lobby, off of the Plane of Knowledge.

You can access a standard guild hall without joining a player run guild, in essence, you join the server's guild with the name Novices of <server name>. This is done by completing the Guilds & The Guild Lobby quest. Upon completing the quest you can zone into a guild hall, with access to the guild portal, a guild banker to put stuff in that you don't want and others might, personal banker, and tradeskill equipment. A parcel merchant, seller of distillers for augmentations, and the port stone seller are there as well. You must zone into the guild hall one time for other things to work, like removing yourself from the guild.

Neighborhood Guild Hall[edit | edit source]

Guild members can also purchase Neighborhood Guild Halls which are placed in Player housing zones. Purchasing a guild housing zone is done with Daybreak Cash. You can enter the Neighborhood Guild Hall through a door in the north area of the Guild Lobby, off of the Plane of Knowledge. You can also enter it though the player housing zone it is placed in.

If a guild drops below 10 members or runs out escrow funds, the Neighborhood Guild Hall gets parceled to the current guild leader.

You can change the sex and/or race of some of the NPCs placed in the hall. This requires a Convoluted Assistant Appearance Augmentater.

There are four types of guild halls you may purchase:

Guild portal[edit | edit source]

Officially known as the Guild Teleportation Device, this device already exists in the default Standard Guild Hall. In a Neighborhood Guild Hall, you need to purchase it in the Sunrise Hills zone.

This device can only be operated with the help of a 'Friendly Guild Teleportation Assistant'. If the assistant is present this device will allow you to teleport to various locations.

Teleportation Assistant[edit | edit source]

The Friendly Guild Teleportation Assistant, known by the text over their head as Teleportation Assistant (Portal Crystals), sells items that are used to set the destination for the Guild Portal.

Purchasing one and handing it back to them changes the destination.

Portal Crystals

Item Name Destination Cost
(in platinum, rounded)
Arcstone Spirit Sapphire Arcstone 79
Brilliant Frigid Gemstone The Eastern Wastes (Torment of Velious) 420
Broken Timestone Plane of Time 105
Burning Lamp Stratos: Zephyr's Flight 394
Chipped Shard of Slaughter Wall of Slaughter 53
Chunk of Argathian Steel Argath, Bastion of Ildaera 236
Cloudy Stone of Veeshan Plane of Sky 74
Crystallized Dream of the Feerrott Feerrott, the Dream 210
Dragonscale Faycite Dragonscale Hills 131
Drowned Katta Castrum Powerstone Katta Castrum: Deluge 315
Etched Marble of Barindu Barindu, Hanging Gardens 53
Forest Emerald of Faydark Greater Feydark 11
Fragment of the Combine Spire Lceanium 341
Frozen Shard of Iceclad Iceclad Ocean 32
Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk Plane of Hate 53
Gem of the Maiden's Tempest Maiden's Eye (Terror of Luclin) 473
Goru'kar Mesa Sandstone Goru'kar Mesa 79
Grassy Pebble of The Commonlands The Commonlands 11
Karana Plains Pebble North Karana 11
Katta Castrum Powerstone Katta Castrum 95
Lavastorm Magma Lavastorm Mountains 21
Miniature Worker's Sledge Mallet The Overthere (Ring of Scale) 368
Moss Agate of Stonebrunt Stonebrunt Mountains 32
Opal of Toxxulia Toxxulia Forest 11
Othmir Clamshell Cobalt Scar (Claws of Veeshan) 446
Shadowed Sand of the Twilight Sea The Twilight Sea 42
Shattered Bone of the Dreadlands Dreadlands 32
Splinter from a Guild Standard Guild Standard (banner) 131
Stone of the Shard's Fall Shard's Landing 263
Stormstone of the West Ethernere Tainted West Karana 289
Undershore Coral Undershore 37
Unrefined Brellium Ore Brell's Rest 158
Velium Shard of Cobalt Scar Cobalt Scar 53

Combat Dummies[edit | edit source]

You may place in your Neighborhood Guild Hall and personal housing various combat dummies. They can be used to test combat abilities and parse damage. They are sold by Brent Harnak (Guildhall Accessories) in Sunrise Hills (housing zones) as "Decorative Dummy: xxx".

The Combat Dummies can have their level, armor class and body type modified. Combat Dummies have lore text that describe their intended level of power.

โ€œ The NPC's name is indeed just the order in which it was placed.

I wanted to make sure each dummy had a unique name so you could parse out the combat log text more easily.

The model determines what level and tier of stats the dummy has:

Azia: Original EverQuest

Beza: Planes of Power

Caza: Legacy of Ykesha

Dena: LDoN

Ena: Gates of Discord

Fana: Omens of War

Geza: Dragons of Norrath

Heda: Depths of Darkhollow

Izah: Prophecy of Ro

Jaka: The Serpent's Spine

Kala: The Buried Sea

Lena: Secrets of Faydwer (Tier 3)

Meda: Seeds of Discord (Tier 4)

Neza: Underfoot (Tier 3)

Ozah: House of Thule (Tier 4)

Paza: Veil of Alaris (Tier 1)

Qela: Veil of Alaris (Tier 4)


โ€” Dzarn, EQ Developer

The February 25, 2015 patch added: