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The Bazaar is a zone off of the Plane of Knowledge, Shadow Haven, and The Nexus. If you want to buy or sell something, this is the place to do it. You can also buy horses here from the vendors in the stable, do your banking, and tradeskill in one of the many available spots.

Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /barter : To search for items being sought for.
  • /bazaar : To search for items being sold. Usable anywhere in Norrath, it will display the items for sale in the bazaar.
Items purchased will be delivered to the parcel vendors for a fee of 10% of the price; or delivered straight to your cursor via Expedited Delivery Vouchers, available in the Marketplace (you choose which when you make the purchase). Or if you are in The Bazaar, you can choose to go to the seller and open a trade window to purchase it and avoid the delivery fee.
  • /buyer : To set yourself up as a Buyer.
  • /trader : To set yourself up as a Seller.
  • Ctrl-Shift-Left-click on an item to bring up bazaar window search for the item. Note that you must click on the item itself, not on the icon in the description window.

Setting up a trader[edit | edit source]

Buy one or more Trader's Satchel from Merchant Tekrama (loc 74, -45, 2, center of The Bazaar near the entrance to the hallway that leads up to the trading area port over). Satchels cost 10pp each and hold ten items. You can also use tradeskills to make your own, if you want them in different colors.

You can use as many satchels to trade with as you have bag slots. They work as a normal ten slot bag as well but have a large weight penalty. They make fairly decent bank containers as a secondary use.

Now head up to the trading area and go to the places you see other traders standing. Stand next to them on the slightly upraised wooden floor planks.

Place the items you want to sell in trade satchels.

Type /trader to bring up trader window.

Target the items you want to sell in the trade window and set a price for them. The items must be in a trade satchel in order for them to be traded.

Click the Begin Trader button in that same window.

If you want to use autonomous brokering (sell while offline), click the Offline Mode button, then the confirm choice box. You should then be disconnected from the game at this point but with your trader left behind in The Bazaar as an NPC.

Autonomous Brokering[edit | edit source]

Autonomous Brokering is a system which allows you to sell items while off-line. It also includes being able to purchase items from anywhere in Norrath.

Autonomous Brokering was introduced with the Rain of Fear expansion.

Autonomous Brokering in Rain of Fear

The Art of the Deal

Players have long requested the ability to sell items while they are offline, and with EverQuest: Rain of Fear this will become a reality!

Brokering while offline couldn't be simpler with this feature upgrade! Simply set up your broker as you normally would, making sure to have correct pricing on all of your selections, and then click on the new button in the trader interface labeled "offline mode." If you prefer to use command lines, we've got you covered; the command "/offlinemode" will have the same effect.

Using this button (or command) will log you out of EverQuest, but your trader will remain active. Any sales made during this time will work normally, and you'll be happy to log back in and find freshly delivered piles of platinum on your character!

I'm Buying 500 Shares of Antonica Steel!

We're not stopping at sales though; EverQuest: Rain of Fear also includes a number of improvements on the purchasing side! For the first time ever, players will not need to be in the Bazaar to see what items are available for sale (and at what price). Instead the /bazaar command will be usable anywhere in Norrath and display the items for sale in the bazaar as normal.

In addition to the traditional method of purchase directly from a seller, those who have Rain of Fear will also be able to buy items from anywhere in Norrath! Simply search for an item as you normally would using the bazaar menu, then click on the item you'd like to buy. After purchase, two delivery options will be available: delivery to the nearest parcel vendor (available for a modest fee* in game coins), or expedited delivery (via our new Expedited Delivery Vouchers** available in the Marketplace) which delivers the item straight to your cursor.

All in all, commerce in Norrath is about to receive a huge update!

* Currently the fees for parcel delivery in our Beta Test are set at 10% of the cost of the item being purchased, but this is subject to change.

** Expedited Delivery currently requires two Expedited Delivery vouchers, subject to change.

EQ Community News - November 2012

Selling items for 1 million or more platinum[edit | edit source]

  1. Change price to something easy to spot like 555555pp
  2. Camp out completely (do not do off-line trader)
  3. Open your EQ folder
  4. Sort by last changed date for the files and near the top will be something like BZR_charactername_servername.ini
  5. Find the 555555000 (3 zeros for gold, silver and copper)
  6. Change it to 2100000000 (2.1mil pp) or lower

It looks like the limit is a signed 32-bit number, which would give a max value of: 2147483647 or 2,147,483 plat, 6 gold, 4 silver and 7 copper

Careful, the actual limit may be a tiny bit smaller as usually they reserve a few characters for various tags, you wouldn't want it to do something crazy like reset the value to like 2 gold if it went 2 over with any reserved numbers (I do not know if this is the case, but just pointing it out, I'd test with some cheap item first).

2.1 million platinum cap[edit | edit source]

We don't ignore these requests for breaking 2m in the bazaar, but it still has not made the risk vs reward vs time vs impact threshold yet.

Adam "Ngreth" Bell, Senior Designer, EverQuest, September 8, 2017

Unused door[edit | edit source]

When the revamped bazaar was originally created that unused door was intended to take you to another zone called the ‘Barter Hall’.

At that point in development there were going to be separate zones for trader mode and barter mode rather than having one wing of the bazaar set up for traders and the other wing set up for barterers.

The 'Barter Hall' is essentially the same zone as the bazaar with slightly different colored textures. That said, it’s not impossible for the door to be repurposed for something different in the future. :)

Dzarn, EQ Developer