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For past Hardcore Heritage schedules, see: Talk:Hardcore Heritage

Hardcore Heritage is a yearly event where they revisit some older zones and update them to provide a more challenging environment. Each zone update lasts a few weeks and then they revert it back to the old zone.

For 2018, it began on June 6 on a staggered schedule. It ended on July 3 at 11:59pm PT.


In 2018 it began on June 6 and ended on July 3. All events begin at 12:01am Pacific Time and end at 11:59pm Pacific Time on the dates listed.

2018 Hardcore Heritage Schedule
Date begins Content Difficulty
Date ends
Wednesday, June 6 Blackburrow - a/k/a Reinforced Blackburrow
Cazic Thule - a/k/a Reinforced Temple of Cazic-Thule
80 Tuesday, June 19
Wednesday, June 6 Lower Guk - a/k/a The Reinforced Ruins of Old Guk
Unrest - a/k/a The Reinforced Estate of Unrest
85 Tuesday, June 19
Wednesday, June 6 Old Sebilis - a/k/a The Reinforced Ruins of Sebilis (Allakhazam, EQ Resource) (Map) 105 Tuesday, July 3
Wednesday, June 20 Crushbone a/k/a Reinforced Crushbone
Permafrost a/k/a The Reinforced Permafrost Caverns
90 Tuesday, July 3
Wednesday, June 20 Castle Mistmoore a/k/a The Reinforced Castle of Mistmoore (Map)
Nagafen's Lair a/k/a Reinforced Nagafen's Lair (Map)
100 Tuesday, July 3


Clan Crushbone[edit]

Demise of the Emperor is an 18 person instanced raid. It is given by Elwin Faerlin at the zone line of Clan Crushbone. It has a lockout of 2 days, 6 hours.

It was dropping the same loot as the group Clan Crushbone mobs, however this was fixed on the night of July 5, 2011.

Permafrost Caverns[edit]

Lady Vox's Lair is a 54 person raid in Permafrost Caverns. It is designed as Tier 2 HoT difficulty, with Tier 3 HoT rewards.

The raid has several checks in place to prevent people from zoning in unless they were present during kills or they arrive soon afterward.
Players don't need to kill A Guardian of Vox to gain access to Vox's Lair, though anyone who wants to participate in the raid will need to click on the door to Vox's Lair soon after the Guardian has been killed (they should have enough time to make their way to the door before it stops working, though it won't work for too long)!

You are correct in that once flagged for entry into Vox's Lair, you will always have it. Those who do not have the flag should still be able to receive it from killing the Guardian, and/or clicking on the door soon after the Guardian's death.

Ellyra, EQ Developer

The respawn timer on the A Guardian of Vox in order to get flagged or trigger to spawn the guardian is 2 hours plus or minus 20 minutes.

UPDATE: With the July 6, 2011 patch the following is now true -

Anyone without a lockout should be able to access Vox's Lair if A Guardian of Vox is down, regardless of who killed him.

Ellyra, EQ Developer

Nagafen's Lair[edit]

Nagafen the Ancient is a 54 person instanced raid in Nagafen's Lair.

To begin the raid, speak to the Stoic Imp which resides within Nagafen's chambers.

The Nagafen HH raid has been taken offline temporarily until we are able to address a zone crash bug. We're sorry for the inconvenience. It should be back up early next week, and we'll extend the duration of the event to make up for the downtime.

Prathun, EQ Developer

Here's the thing.. The event isn't crashing. In reality, the zone isn't crashing either. Something is causing the static zone AND the instance to freak out so badly that the world server disconnects the zone. It's still up, but not responding to anything because the CPU is running at 130% and is just going NUTS. It's hung, but never actually explodes.

Worse.. because the zone never actually crashes, there is no crash log, so chasing what's going on is that much harder. We've found ZERO repeatability on this. In fact, neither myself, nor QA has EVER been able to make it do this. We literally can't make it happen. I've looked over every single element of this raid, regardless of how small or big it might be. I can find nothing wrong with my event. We're still trying though. Today was obviously a rough day though all around. I wish I had a better update.

As for the duration of the event, we're going to leave it up longer. We're going to make sure you guys get plenty of time to play with it. I've also reduced the lockout timer on the event to 2.5 days (something we're eventually going to do with ALL limited duration events).

Elidroth, EQ Developer

The Reinforced Lair of Trakanon[edit]

621 (200px).gif

In 2017, an instanced raid fighting the dragon Trakanon was added. This raid is for level 105 characters.

The raid giver is a contemplative froglok, who is at location -1754, -357, -175. (at the water/bridge area before Trakanon's area) in The Reinforced Ruins of Sebilis. The keyword to request the instance is "fame". To enter say, "ready".

A minimum of 6 toons (mercs count) and a maximum of 54 is required to get the raid. No unusual prerequisites are required. The success lockout is 2.5 days.


Here are some items that can only be found in the Hardcore Heritage zones and raids.

The Reinforced Ruins of Sebilis has zone-wide rare augmentation drops.

Most HH zones named have a chance to drop Glowing visible gear. These are turned in to Thach Jerden (Armor Quests) in the Plane of Knowledge for armor.

  • Thach Jerden's Glowing Armor
    • Glowing Athlai: Blackburrow / Lower Guk
    • Glowing Othni: Cazic Thule / Unrest
    • Glowing Reis: Crushbone / Permafrost
    • Glowing Sebilisian: Old Sebilis

Nagafen the Ancient (raid)[edit]