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Rathe Day is a holiday event first introduced in April 2024. It is Norrath's Earth Day.

For 2024, Rathe Day began on April 17 and will run until until April 28, 2024 23:00 PDT.

You say, 'Hail, a Rathe Initiate'

A Rathe Initiate says, 'Greetings, mortal. As you may have been aware, a recent moonquake has happened on Luclin that caused quite a commotion. One of the things that happened was a change in the behavior of the Luclin owlbears. I would implore you to take a [pilgrimage] on behalf of the Rathe Council to Luclin and meet with the one named Korah Kai. She can be found in the Hollowshade Moors.'

You say, 'Pilgrimage? Why can't you do it yourself?'

A Rathe Initiate says, 'An understandable question from a mortal. The realms have their own rules, and one of those rules is that Luclin is Luclin's. Our presence may seem like an insult to her. We do not mean to cause any slights against the Maiden of Shadows. We simply wish to observe the changes that happened to the environment around Luclin. Something that the Rathe Council has admitted they could do better on is teaching mortals that their actions can and will have consequences on the land. We want to take this time to discover, learn, and grow. Our efforts today may shape the conservation of the Rathe for future generations. Please, I implore you, seek out Korah Kai and help her with her studies and gain wisdom in your journey.'

a Rathe Initiate in the Plane of Knowledge

Quests[edit | edit source]

Korah Kai (Rathe Day Quests)
Type Quest NPC
Race Vah Shir
Gender Female
Location Hollowshade Moor
(via Ctrl-F)
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It seems you must complete them in this order:

  • Owlbear with Me for a Moment (2024) (Bonzz, EQ Resource) - Given by Korah Kai in Hollowshade Moor. Reward: Lost Owlbear Pup - familiar and pet illusion.
    • Softer than Othmir Fur (2024) (Bonzz, EQ Resource) - Given by Korah Kai in Hollowshade Moor. Reward: Imprinted Ursarachnid Hatchling - familiar and pet illusion.
      • Lessons of Luclin Lichen (2024) (Bonzz, EQ Resource) - Given by Korah Kai in Hollowshade Moor. Reward: Living Lump of Luclin Lichen - familiar and pet illusion.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

The achievement Rathe Day: Rathe Day Reveler is found under Events > Holiday.