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There are some in Norrath that are born with an innate rage that, if controlled, can become a powerful weapon. They are called berserkers.[1]

The berserker is a master of the two-handed axe and of throwing weapons. To keep their bodies light and swift, berserkers wear light chain armor.[1]

Berserkers are fearsome fighters that possess inordinate amounts of strength and bravery. They lunge into battle swinging large two-handed axes or hurtling throwing weapons at their prey. They carry huge axes because of the damage they deal and for the fear the weapons instill in the enemy. As great as a berserker's skill with a two-handed axe is, his skill with throwing weapons cannot be overlooked. As he becomes more powerful, he can infuse his rage into various thrown weapons, causing dire effects when they strike a foe.[1]

With the mastery of his innate rage, the berserker also gains the ability to become "berserk" - a deadly state which causes a great amount of damage as a berserker's blade swings with frenzy. As dangerous as berserkers are at these moments, they become more vulnerable to enemy attacks.[1]

Berserkers do not fear death and they value speed and agility over personal defense. The berserker is at his best within a group of friends and adventurers that allow him to unleash his full anger on an enemy without interruption. When standing within arm's reach of his enemy, the berserker is one of the masters of offense, crippling and maiming with impressive speed and skill. And, in situations where an enemy must be fought at a distance, the berserker has the best throwing arm of any Norrathian.[1]

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