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The Half Elves[edit | edit source]

Half Elf Male
Half Elf Female

Overview[edit | edit source]

Numerous across the face of Norrath but a rare sight within most towns and cities, the Half Elves are a torn race. The first of the Ayr'Dal were created long ago from the union formed between Human explorers and native Wood-Elves in the deep forests of the Faydark. They express the natural beauty of the Elves mixed with a harshness of the Humans, and they fit well with neither; whilst a Half Elf may form strong individual friendships with others, they're unlikely to feel truly at home within a city. This heritage is what has lead the Half Elves to refer to themselves as Ayr'Dal, a term dervied from an ancient elven word for 'misfit'.

It is this mixed lineage that leads the Half Elves to their preferred choice of profession. The majority of Half Elves take to the wilds to seek solace and peace, and whilst not particularly wise when compared to their elven forefathers, they still serve either Karana or Tunare as worthy Druids and Rangers. Those Half Elves who wish to fight in battle but feel slightly more at home when closer to civilisation often choose the path of the Paladin or the Warrior - their mixed lineage helps them in this respect as they are both moderately strong and agile. The remaining Half Elves who take joy in both accepting and spurning civilisation are the Bards and the Rogues, and with an adequate muse in the form of their racial history and an inbred dislike for law and order, the Half Elves who choose these paths often find them fitting professions.

The Half Elves have no particular racial benefit to speak of save for their elven gift of infravision, allowing them slightly improved night vision.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Infravision

Starting Statistics[edit | edit source]

Bard 75 95 90 70 75 60 85 25
Druid 70 85 90 80 75 70 75 30
Paladin 80 75 90 75 75 65 85 20
Ranger 75 80 100 80 75 65 75 20
Rogue 70 70 100 70 75 60 75 30
Warrior 80 80 95 80 75 60 75 25