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The High Elves[edit | edit source]

High Elf Male
High Elf Female

Overview[edit | edit source]

Noble and intelligent, if even a little haughty, the High Elves of Faydwer have reason to be proud of their race. Brothers to the Wood Elves of the Faydark, they were created long ago by Tunare and ruled an ancient elven empire known as Tunaria - now Antonica. The empire was destroyed by Solusek Ro long ago, forcing the remaining elven refugees to flee across the Ocean of Tears, named for the exodus, to form their new city of Felwithe. They find themselves constantly at war with a neighbouring clan of Orcs in Crushbone who hold a tenuous alliance with the Dark Elves of Neriak.

The High Elves of Tunare are both wise and intelligent, and as such many serve their city as Clerics, Enchanters, Magicians and Wizards. The forests of Faydwer can be a dangerous place however; orcs abound, and so a few brave High Elves may choose to become Paladins in defence of their race. Whilst not particularly strong, their wisdom and charisma tend to see the High Elven knight through the day.

The High Elves have no particular innate racial abilities aside from infravision, allowing them improved vision during the night.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Infravision

Starting Statistics[edit | edit source]

Cleric 60 70 85 70 92 105 80 30
Enchanter 55 70 85 65 102 95 90 30
Magician 55 70 85 75 102 95 80 30
Paladin 65 70 85 70 92 100 90 20
Wizard 55 70 85 75 102 95 80 30