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Rogues are the stealthy thieves and vicious assassins that stalk the shadows of Norrath. Rogues are primarily a melee class, able to wear chain armor and use piercing, slashing and some blunt weapons.

Rogues are sneaky fighters who always seek to take advantage of enemies by attacking from behind. Rogues can backstab enemies for extra damage, using poisoned weapons for added effect. Rogues can detect traps, pick locks and pockets, and fall safely from great heights.

Rogues are known for their ability to sneak and hide. This allows them to move almost anywhere, exploring the dangers that lie ahead. Combined with rogue items that use illusions, rogues make excellent scouts.

Rogues are a specialist class that works best with a group of friends. Rogues can add greatly to the killing power of a group. The rogue is a good choice for players who like to do heavy damage while walking the dangerous edge of dungeon exploration.

— EverQuest game file "dbstr_us.txt"

Pickpocket[edit | edit source]

Pickpocket does not use a separate loot table. The cash and items you pick from an NPC are the cash and items it would drop if you looted it.

Prathun, EQ Developer, September 10, 2015