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Legends of Norrath (LoN) was an online-only collectible card game based on EverQuest and EverQuest II.

LoN was playable from within either of the two games, or via a stand-alone client. Attempting to play LoN from inside EverQuest often crashed EverQuest, however.

LoN has cards which were redeemable for in-game items in EverQuest and EverQuest II.

Legends of Norrath shut down permanently on August 17, 2016. The last day to purchase booster packs and claim monthly All Access free packs was July 18, 2016.

We know some of you are extremely enthusiastic about some of the items that were previously introduced in the Legends of Norrath TCG packs. These loot rewards will continue to be available to players through other means. Look to the Marketplace for packs which give an opportunity for rewards from previous LON sets.

Legends of Norrath Closure Notification

Expansions[edit | edit source]

  1. Oathbound (initial set), 05 Sep 2007
  2. Forsworn, 19 Dec 2007
  3. Inquisitor, 07 Mar 2008
  4. Oathbreaker, 19 Jun 2008
  5. Ethernauts, 09 Oct 2008
  6. Against the Void, 12 Feb 2009
  7. Storm Break, 09 Jul 2009
  8. Travelers, 13 Oct 2009
  9. Vengeful Gods, 23 Feb 2010
  10. Doom of the Ancient Ones, 15 Jun 2010
  11. Dragonbrood - The Anarchs, 14 Oct 2010
  12. Legacies, 1 March 2011
  13. Priestess of the Anarchs, 25 August 2011.
    The Jarsath Destroyer (an extension of Priestess of the Anarchs, not available via choose a pack)
  14. Fall of the Estarim
  15. Debt of the Ratonga, 4 Dec 2012
  16. Drakkinshard, 13 Aug 2013

EverQuest Gold Member free packs[edit | edit source]

Gold Members in EverQuest (and EverQuest II) receive five free LoN packs per month, as long as the log into LoN at least once a month.

There's been a slight change to the free packs that we award monthly to the Gold Members in EverQuest and EverQuest II. Starting with the launch of Debt of the Ratonga, free member packs will be awarded on the member's first log in that month. We've completely removed the "anniversary date" which confused a lot of players. Furthermore, the Gold Member MUST log in during a calendar month to get that month's worth of packs. Packs will no longer accumulate from month to month. Unopened packs and unredeemed Choose A Pack loot cards from previous months and prior to this change will not be touched. To get your packs moving forward, just log in each month! The Choose A Pack cards awarded in December may be redeemed for any regular LON booster pack from sets 1 – 14.

Mark Tuttle, Executive Producer, Legends of Norrath

Note that the five free packs that EverQuest Gold Members receive are not actually given as packs but you instead receive five "Legends of Norrath Choose A Pack".

To find and redeem your free packs, go to the LoN Collection Manager and pick "Packs" up top. There you will find "Legends of Norrath Choose A Pack" (with Quantity # representing all your free packs you can redeem) where you can choose which pack you would like to receive.

Monthly scenario rewards[edit | edit source]

See also: Advanced players' guide > Chalandria's Fang

Each month a different scenario offers special rewards. According to this post on the Daybreak forum the scenarios and rewards are:

  • 01 Beware of Ogres Scenario: Knuckle Ornament of the Void (6EQP12) (HtH)
  • 02 Hearts Aflutter Scenario: Staff Ornament of the Void (6EQP6) (1HB)
  • 03 Master Brewer Scenario: Great Axe Ornament of the Void (6EQP8) (2HS)
  • 04 Master of Mischief Scenario: Pike Ornament of the Void (6EQP10) (2HP)
  • 05 Spider Queen Scenario: Chalandria's Fang (7EQP8)(summon poison)
  • 06 Big Game Hunting Scenario: Moonfang's Cub (7EQP6) (black panther familiar) - Rewards: The first time you win the scenario, you'll win the Nathsarian Ring of the Mighty (7P3) promo card AND either the Moonsfang's Cub (7EQP6) loot card for EverQuest® or the A Tames Stag (7EQIIP6) loot card for EverQuest® II, depending on your in-game settings. You can receive additional copies of the Nathsarian Ring of the Mighty promo card each time you defeat the scenario with a different avatar archetype (limit 4 per account).
  • 07 Mechamatic Guardian Scenario: Mechamatic Remote Control (6EQP14) (clockwork familiar)
  • 08 Sporali Mind Meld Scenario: Combine Arming Sword Ornament (7EQP10) (1HS)
  • 09 Kaggy Krup Scenario: Unwritten Glyph (10EQP4)
  • 10 Scary Scarecrows Scenario: Nimbus of the Burning Pyrilen (5EQP3)
  • 11 Giant Problems Scenario: Unwritten Glyph (10EQP4)
  • 12 Saving Frostfell Scenario: Discordian Great Mace Ornament (5EQP13) (Discordant Great Mace Ornament 2HB)

It's assumed that the numbers represent the month (01=January) and that the scenario will last the entire month. However, Daybreak has confirmed none of this.

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