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Evolving items were introduced with the Depths of Darkhallow expansion.

Evolving items gain experience of their own as your character earns experience. Some of these items will only earn experience from certain types of defeated enemies, while others earn experience from all types.

As an evolving item levels, its statistics, powers, and even appearance may change. An evolving item may even gain particle effects, or have current particle effects enhanced. Hidden abilities may also be unlocked as an item evolves. Some evolving items may even possess an "intelligence" that allows them to voice opinions and alerts in certain situations!

With the February 20, 2019 game update, the inventory evolution tab was removed.

- All equipped evolving items will gain full experience rather than splitting between them.

- Removed the evolving items tab in the inventory window now that the concept of 'active' vs 'inactive' evolving items has been deprecated.

- Evolving items will now display their evolution progress percentage in the lower left corner of the item's icon, similar to activated items with charges.

Game Update Notes: February 20, 2019

Evolving items must be equipped in order to gain experience. They have a "wake up" period after being equipped in which the item will not gain experience. This period occurs each time the item is unequipped and re-equipped.

An evolving item's current level, experience toward next level, and stats can be viewed in the item inspection window.

The item's experience is stored in the item itself, and so retain its progress if transferred to a new owner (unless flagged as non-tradable).

Experience in an evolving item can sometimes be transferred to new evolving items; however, some item experience is lost in the process. The items that are transferable are only items from the Depths of Darkhollow expansion.

If you get an evolving item that is lore, you won't be able to have two of them in different states of evolving.

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Evolving items gain experience independent of any experience boost, except group experience. The only requirement they have is that you receive experience for killing a mob in a group, or solo. Quest and raid experience does not work toward evolution experience.

Items[edit | edit source]

Here are some useful evolving items: