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The Familiar Key Ring was introduced with the Empires of Kunark expansion. It allows you to place up to 125 familiars on it, freeing up bag space and keeping them always available. It also allows you to separate the "stat" buff on a familiar from the appearance.

The familiar key ring is only available for characters of accounts which have purchased Empires of Kunark.

It comes with 10 slots. Additional slots may be purchased with Daybreak Cash.

Your familiar item is actually placed into the key ring, which effectively creates additional inventory slots on every character that can only be used for familiars.

Marketplace familiars[edit]

Familiars purchased (past, current, and future) in the Marketplace will add a slot when added to the ring. Legends of Norrath familiars do not add a slot.

Illusion on familiar[edit]

If you own the Familiar Key Ring feature, any illusion spells on summoned pets will persist when you zone.

Auto Leave[edit]

The "Auto Leave" toggle on the Familiars tab of the Key Rings window will make most familiars automatically leave when you are summoning a familiar or when zoning. This will not affect any buffs that a familiar will provide. Note that certain familiars will not be automatically dismissed even if this is checked (for example, the banker).

Familiar Key Ring (promotional).jpg
The Familiar Key Ring, the Mount Key Ring, and the Illusion Key Ring, are accessed through the Key Rings button in the Inventory Window