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The Call of the Forsaken expansion introduced mercenary equipment, gear you can put on your mercenary.

โ€œ New Mercenary Equipment will also give you incredible options to equip your mercenary in different ways. Are you looking to help your tank mercenary survive tougher fights, or perhaps keep your healer mercenary from running out of mana? In either case, there will be equipment you can discover that can help! Just like Mercenary AAs, equipment will be shared across all of your mercenaries. โ€

โ€” Call of the Forsaken: Mercenary Alternate Advancement and Equipment

As of the Terror of Luclin expansion, the best mercenary equipment is "Vigilant", which is obtained in The Burning Lands zones.

Slot changes[edit]

Originally, mercenary equipment had the following bugs:

  • Tank mercs who wear a shield have reduced aggro generation
  • Rogue mercs who receive two weapons reduce their DPS (by half). Tank mercs also have lower dps with a shield, but tank merc dps is already so low the difference in dps is unlikely to matter.

In the February 15, 2017 game update, changes were made which also fixed the above bugs:

- Mercenary equipment has been simplified and improved:

- - All existing pieces of mercenary equipment (excluding the Vestments of the Forsaken) are now 'Faded' items that can be converted to newer equivalent level and archetype items.
- - Vendors that sell mercenary equipment now sell the newer items.
- - The stats for all levels of mercenary equipment have been improved significantly.
- - There are now four archetypes of mercenary equipment corresponding to each of the four mercenary types: Defender, Soother, Assassin, and Sorcerer.

- - Mercenary equipment slots have been changed from head, chest, primary, and secondary to ear, neck, shoulder, and waist in order to correct a bug that would cause melee DPS and tank mercenaries to become less effective when wielding primary/secondary equipment.


Call of the Forsaken

Mercenary equipment is sold by Mercenary Morloro (Mercenary Equipment) in Ethernere Tainted West Karana. Each piece costs 960 Marks of Valor.

The Darkened Sea

a merchant (Mercenary Gear Merchant) in Arx Mentis. He sells gear for Pieces of Eight.

Empires of Kunark

It can be purchased for Sathir Trade Gems in Lceanium.


Sample mercenary equipment
Image: Sony Online Entertainment

Call of the Forsaken[edit]




Some items are both Primary and Secondary.


Some items are both Primary and Secondary.

The Darkened Sea[edit]

Empires of Kunark[edit]

Empires of Kunark has Extravagant mercenary gear..