Teleport Item Key Ring

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The Teleport Item Key Ring was introduced with the Terror of Luclin expansion. It allows you to place up to ? teleportation items on it, freeing up bag space and keeping them always available.

The teleport item key ring with 10 slots is only available for characters of accounts which have purchased Terror of Luclin. Getting the expansion at no extra cost by buying later expansions gives you the teleport item key ring with zero slots.

Additional slots may be purchased with Daybreak Cash in the Marketplace.

Your teleport item is actually placed into the key ring, which effectively creates additional inventory slots on every character that can only be used for teleport items.

  • Teleport item keyring.png
  • Key Rings are accessed through the Key Rings button in the Inventory Window

Items[edit | edit source]

Here are some of the items that fit on the key ring: