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Swarm pets are pets that attack one mob and then soon dissipate. They will attack the mob you have targeted until either the mob is dead or their time runs out.

There are a number of items that create such pets, either through procing (during melee combat) or through clicking them. Here is a listing of some of them.

Item name Classes Type Pet(s) Recast Delay Obtained by
Amulet of the Drowned Mariner All Clicky Lost Mariner 5 minutes Tradeskills
Ceramic Butterfly Statuette All Clicky Ceramic Butterfly Statuette 4 minutes 10 seconds Tradeskills
Ceramic Raptor Statuette All Clicky Ceramic Raptor Statuette 4 minutes 10 seconds Tradeskills
Cloth Cap All Clicky Veeshan's Swarm (tiny dragons) 10 minutes Anniversary quest
Dog Whistle All Clicky Faithful Companion (dog/wolf) 3 minutes Quest
Earthen Fist Monk Proc Call of Wu N/A Mob drop
Fabled Earthen Fist Monk Proc Fabled Call of Wu N/A Anniversary mob drop
Jury-Rigged Arc Worker All Clicky Jury-Rigged Arc Worker 4 minutes 10 seconds Tradeskills
Oathbound Hammer All except Shaman, Berserker Proc Oathbound (Qeynosian guard ghost) N/A Mob drop (Tower of Rot named)
Ring of Watching Eyes All Clicky Eye 1 minute (5 charges) Quest
Rune of Tallon / Rune of Tallon [tradeable] All Clicky Tallon's Force 20 minutes Achievement / Mob drop
Shard of Eternal Pain All Proc Anguish of Torment (skeleton) N/A LDoN Raid: Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate
Stellite Graceheart Breastplate Cleric Clicky Celestial Host 10 minutes Tradeskills
Vicious Rabbit All Clicky Vicious Rabbit (tiny rabbit) 5 minutes Loyalty Tokens