The Serpent's Spine

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The Serpent's Spine (TSS) is EverQuest's twelfth expansion. It was released on September 19, 2006.

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Allakhazam: The Serpent's Spine Guide

Almar's Guides: TSS Everquest Guides



Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale  · Blackfeather Roost  · Blightfire Moors  · Crescent Reach  · Direwind Cliffs  · Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King  · Goru`kar Mesa  · Icefall Glacier  · Stone Hive  · Sunderock Springs  · The Steppes  · Valdeholm  · Vergalid Mines

Zone connections map[edit | edit source]

TSS zone connection map.png