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Shadow of Fear is a game update released on April 17, 2013. It is "Part 2" of Rain of Fear. It is automatically downloaded and free for all who have purchased Rain of Fear.


Details[edit | edit source]

Shadow of Fear preview image. (Image: Sony Online Entertainment)

Shadow of Fear will feature two additional zones, including more raid content, spells, and all new AA.

  • A mysterious Shissar city, Chelsith Reborn, is available for exploration.
  • Travel to the Plane of Shadow to confront the never-before-seen goddess, Luclin!
  • The Prayer Shawl quest line has additional tasks and rewards for tradeskillers.
  • New Spells, Alternate Abilities (AA’s) and items for all classes.
  • New collections can be found in Chelsith Reborn and the Plane of Shadow.
  • New missions, raids, and quests are available to challenge even the most powerful adventurers.
  • New achievements are rewarded for tackling the content found in Shadow of Fear.

Zones[edit | edit source]

  • Plane of Shadow – When Cazic's essence erupted from Norrath, a fear shard pierced the temple of Vex Thal and entered the portal to Luclin’s home, the realm of twilight.
  • Chelsith Reborn – This shadowy version of Chelsith, the great seaside Shissar city, is built with power harnessed from a fallen shard.

Travel to[edit | edit source]

To travel to the new zones, there are portals in Shard's Landing. Doing the portal quests will enable them to work for you.

There is also a crystal that will take you Chelsith Reborn in The Grey (the lake the sun revenants are around has a crystal on the bottom of it), and one in Vex Thal that will take you to Plane of Shadow (as you exit the entry tunnel into the 'open area', go to your left along the wall).

Add this to your The Grey map:

P -1349.2715, -1472.2976, -20.6914, 127, 0, 0, 3, To_Chelsith_Reborn

Add this to your Vex Thal map:

P 899.1181, 220.2623, -43.9980, 127, 0, 0, 3, To_Plane_of_Shadow

(Information and map codes courtesy of Caudyr)

Quests[edit | edit source]

A Third Prayer Shawl quest is planned. Currently (all information subject to change), it requires you to have either the Blessed Serilis Prayer Shawl (shawl gained without the Head of the First Creation) or the Sacred Serilis Prayer Shawl (shawl gained with the Head of the First Creation).

In addition, both regular and tradeskill quests are planned.

Spells[edit | edit source]

All classes will be getting some new spells / disciplines. Spells may be obtained in the same manner in which you got them in earlier parts of Rain of Fear. Rank I spells are available on the NPC vendors. Rank II and III come from turning in items to the Tomekeeper in Shard's Landing.

Tradeskills[edit | edit source]

The Plane of Knowledge is gaining a Tradeskill Hub. Run by the New Tanaan Merchant Alliance, the Hub will have merchants and quest givers for tradeskill gameplay.

  • New Tanaan Merchant Alliance - Grand Master tradeskillers can join the New Tanaan Merchant Alliance. This is a quest.
  • The Third Shawl - If you have either the Blessed Serilis Prayer Shawl (shawl gained without the Head of the First Creation) or the Sacred Serilis Prayer Shawl (shawl gained with the Head of the First Creation) you can begin a series of quests to upgrade your shawl.

Lore[edit | edit source]

A never-before-seen god emerges from the shadows to confront the players entering her domain, wielding her own incredible powers while the corrupting force of Cazic-Thule’s power lingers in Norrath. Adventurers must breach the Plane of Shadow and attempt to protect it from the threat within.

Meanwhile, in a forgotten valley of Norrath’s moon, an ancient Shissar city has been resurrected overnight with no explanation. The extravagant Shissar capital of Chelsith is crawling with newly empowered Shissar, no longer pushed to the brink of extinction by the mysterious Green Mist that wiped out their great empire in times long past. What do these mysterious Shissar have planned, and where did they get their newfound power? Players will need to venture into the dangerous city—and make it out alive—to find out.

EverQuest Game Updates: Shadow of Fear

Video trailer[edit | edit source]