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Hate Rising is a game update that was released on January 22, 2014. It is "Part 2" of Call of the Forsaken.

Initial announcement[edit | edit source]

Just around the corner in January, we will be launching Call of the Forsaken: Hate Rising. In Hate Rising, you will be able to continue your adventure with all new Heroic Adventures, new raids and missions; new equippable gear across group and raid content, and a nice set of rare items you’ll hardly believe.

Also, a big change will be coming to our Heroic Adventures. We have scaled our existing Heroic Adventures by level, so you can play this exciting content earlier. So that means if you are level 85 and you haven’t played Call of the Forsaken yet, you will now be able to receive the tasks and quests from the quest givers. A little side note on level spread for missions: stay tuned for some more information from Prathun in the very near future on what we’re hoping to accomplish!

Call of the Forsaken: Hate Rising will go into an Open Beta early January. If you participated in Beta for the expansion, you will be able to enter as soon as we launch. If you did not participate beforehand, don’t fret. We’ll have a timeframe in January that you’ll be able to apply and get in very quickly, and soon discover how an iconic EverQuest character will play a large role in Norrath over the next year.

December [2013] Producer's Letter

Details[edit | edit source]

Our focus in this content release for group level content is providing content via the Heroic Adventures system rather than new zones. We've got a number of zones in development (both on the Art and Design sides), and could have prioritized in such a way as to release a couple of them with Hate Rising but that wasn't our goal. Instead we want to focus on really expanding the potential for Heroic Adventures. This includes releasing a number of new Heroic Adventures as well as increasing the level range for those who can participate in them.

Because Heroic Adventures scale, they have a lot more potential for content for the long term rather than single zones. We're not in any way shape or form moving away from releasing more zones in the future (some of the ones I've seen are just gorgeous); instead we're moving in a slightly different direction specifically for this release.

Piestro, EQ Community Relations

Raid progression[edit | edit source]

Alternate currency[edit | edit source]

Hate Rising will use the same alternate currency as Call of the Forsaken.

For Hate Rising raids, each player will receive 20 Medals of Heroism upon completing a raid, instead of the 10 given for the initial Call of the Forsaken raids.

Lore[edit | edit source]

With Lady Lendiniara’s presence threating the existence of Norrath, an unlikely alliance has been forged with The Forsaken to send the dangerous dragon home. At Zebuxoruk’s request, the bravest will fight their way through recently discovered lands to recover magical artifacts that contain the power to return Lady Lendiniara to her world.

Adventurers will face adversaries at every turn, from those who refuse to release the magical artifacts, to others who are determined to see the dragon dead at all costs. Before all comes to a close, a familiar face will emerge with a new directive, leaving the fate of Norrath with one decision: Will you put your trust in the sly speech of a Teir'Dal or the endless ramblings of a madman?

Hate Rising is Launching on Wednesday, January 22, 2014!