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Personas, or Alternate Personas, are were introduced with the Laurion's Song expansion. They entail swapping between different classes quickly while retaining your character's inventory, crafting skills, and flags.

Personas tab in Inventory window (beta)

Purchase of Laurion's Song will grant you from three to seven persona slots per account (depending upon edition purchased).

You are able to have up to 15 persona slots (plus your original character) allowing you to create one of each class if desired.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Swap to another class while retaining your name, inventory, and much more with Alternate Personas.
  • An Alternate Persona gives your character the opportunity to play as though you are a different class from within the same character.
  • To create a persona, use the Persona tab of the Inventory Window.
  • Details can be found in the tip window, accessible by clicking on the list of Persona classes.
  • You may only swap to a persona if you do not have an out of combat timer, and you must be in a zone that is a fast camp / non-combat zone or a starting city.
  • Mercenary AA experience is based off the highest level persona your character has rather than the level of your current persona.